I had a full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Johnston, due to a heavy grinding habit.  He helped me tremendously and I am so glad I did it.  His staff is the best, I can always schedule an appointment to fit my schedule.

~ L. Caroleo

I have had all my teeth restored, with no discomfort, I actually had fun!  The entire staff was great to work with.  I am so happy with my choice to have my teeth restored, my smile, the color of my teeth and my bite have never been better!  For the first time I can smile with 100% confidence!

Anyone that is looking for options should consider the restoration process, it is an option that is so natural and does not look artificial, your own teeth naturally enhanced.  Perfect solution I have never been happier with my teeth.   I would be happy to share my experience and talk to anyone considering full mouth restorations.  Smile with Confidence!

~ B. Blakeman

Smile…. that is what Dr. Johnston and his staff make you want to do.  Dr. Johnston, Barbara, Stacey and his entire staff give you 100% of their professional expertise.  No detail is too small to ensure YOUR perfect smile.  From cleanings to major dental work I feel confident that I have chosen a dentist and staff that care and do their best to make sure that my mouth stays healthy.  Keep Smiling!

~ B. Frazier

Dr. Johnston took me on as a patient in October 2014.  Over a period of two years Dr. Johnston reconstructed my entire mouth.  Issues with the alignment of my bite and TMJ had plagued me my entire adult life.  This caused severe headaches which no other dentist or orthodontist over a thirty year period could remedy.

With Dr. Johnston’s exceptional work, his thoroughness and diligence he constructed a flawless bite.  The ultimate result, virtually no more headaches and a beautiful, more confident smile.

I am gratified and appreciative and will recommend Dr. Johnston’s excellent work to anyone.

~ R. Vanderhoof